Women have been and continue to be a fundamental part of fx makeup and monster design. This is their story.

About the project

MONSTER GIRLS centers the history and current work of Women in the SFX industry. Told from the perspective of historians, enthusiasts, and Women in the field, MONSTER GIRLS, seeks to uncover and promote some of the horror genre’s leading talent.

Milicent Patrick poses in the Universal Studios monster shop with her most famous creation: the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

About the director

Jessie Seitz has worked in the horror genre since 2002. Her FX work can be seen in films such as JAKOB’S WIFE, THE THIRD SATURDAY IN OCTOBER franchise as well as the controversial EGN series. She is the producer of FUKT, the first anthology to center Women filmmakers who make extreme cinema and the director of AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: CHUM BUCKET. Her documentary BEYOND HORROR: THE HISTORY AND SUBCULTURE OF RED FILMS was the recipient of the BEST DIRECTOR 2019 award at NIGHTMARES FILM FESTIVAL.